Analog backup solutions

June 11, 2008

After reading another article on the advantages of a pen and paper based daily planner and reading on how people complain (over and over again actually) that there is no backup for them here is mine.

Use another planner for the same year which is always at home!

You only have to synch it from time to time (usually once a week) and add the new appointments from your planner which you actually use on the go. It should not be much trouble and is actually faster than with a digital solution (even while using a better input system than the normal soft keyboardfrom my ipaq).
Its easy, cheap (you can buy the cheapest and ugliest planner as a backup solution), needs no battery and stores data for years to come(not that i know anybody who needs his appointments 10 years after they happened but it is still possible).

If you have to travel you just keep the backup in your hotelroom safe.

and here is the post which made me write about this:

7 reasons to ditch your pda and switch topen and paper

it is one of many out there and is recommended for everybopdy who is not quite happy with his pda


Pol Sambol (coconut sambol) Recipe

May 1, 2008

This is one of my favourite sambols. When i lived on Sri Lanka i ate tonns of it and I still enjoy to cook it everywhere I live. It is very simple to prepare if you have all the ingridients!

  • 2 cups dessicated coconut (grated fresh coconut is the best if you can have it)
  • 1 onion
  • 2-3 green chillies (the hotter the better)
  • some maledive fish (umbalacadu) or if you don’t have it dried prawns or prawn powder
  • 1-2 teaspoons black pepper powder
  • 1-2 pips garlic
  • juice of 1 lemon, salt

    the amount of the ingredients is given with approximation. You can vary them to your taste (especially witht he lemon juice).

    If you have dessicated coconut then soak it in water for at least half an hour. The water must be hot when you soak it in. Chop garlic, onion and chillies finely and mix together with the rest of the ingredients.

    Add the coconut little by little and mix everything well together.

    This is a delicious sambol that goes well together with other dishes of lankan cuisine. But if you are short on time and need a quick bite in between you can put it on white bread and eat it like that too ;)

  • Turn on, tune in, drop out

    April 30, 2008

    Albert Hoffman the father of LSD died t the age of 102. One may argue about drugs and their negative and positive effects but one cannot deny that they influence every one of us daily.

    “I take no drugs!” you might say. You are wrong. You do and so does every one of us. The substances differ from person to person but the pattern remains the same.

    We look with disgust on junkies on the streets while walking past them on the streets. We might feel simpathy for them even. Then we come home, turn on the TV, tune into our favourite show and drop out for some time. Read the rest of this entry »

    back from black

    April 29, 2008

    hey there guys and girls :D

    im back from the dark and wild depths of eastern germany, the cold and stormy north germany and survived it all. well those who know me know my personal stuff so no need to report here. coming up next are following topics:

  • bags (yeah i was in a bag frenzy for a couple of days and finaly found THE bag for me. still tuning and equipping it)
  • china (what else?)
  • religion
  • german stasi 2.0
  • musiiiiiiiiiikkkkkk
  • stay tuned…

    Palestinian Hamas Children’s TV Mickey Mouse Clone

    May 10, 2007

    OK…this one is plain scary…mickey as a warmonger…what comes next? donald duck as a general who trains the next generation of suicide bombers? i mean they have to work on replenishment…they will need more for world domination…and well the bad thing about them is that you can use them only once :D so the more they use the more supply of fresh meat do they need. and why not start working on it as young as possible? i mean this way…they could have them totally brainwashed by hmm lets say 16…so actually the new bombers could be much younger which gives a faster supply with the next generation. if you ask me thats pretty damn effective.

    well here the question back again from a previous post…in what kind of a sick world do we live in? i mean…youve got children soldiers in afrika…soon to be child soldiers in palestina…fat, sick, ugly and stupid kids in the west…somehow the world goes in the wrong directions…

    to tired now to seriously comment on this…maybe tomorrow

    some of the funniest stuff i read lately

    May 9, 2007

    Digg on Sheryl Crow & One Square Per Sitting

    well here is some of the funniest shit i read in the last few days…the richardnixon post is just hilarious as is ninja shit and and and :D
    well haha just read and laugh :)

    1984 here we are…

    May 9, 2007

    Mobile phone tracking

    well what should I say…this surpasses everything Orwell dreamt of :) Have fun tracking your friends :D